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Can we watch TV in Laptops?

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    This is a question to all who are interested in the media without having a TV. Is it possible to watch TV in our laptops? and if yes what software would be needed?
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    The software would be rather inconsequential. You'd need a TV tuner, which are available in internal (PCI) and external (USB) versions. Try Hauppauge.
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    Can it be an external tuner. Where can it be bought.
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    I found a few external ones on amazon that are roughly ~$75
    You might be able to buy them at radio shack or a local computer store.
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    It can indeed be an external tuner, like I mentioned.

    It can be bought from a computer shop. Try http://www.ebuyer.com or http://www.microdirect.com or whatever your preferred computer shop is!
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    what do you guys think about MCE TV Tuner PCMCIA Card S-Video found in the link http://www.aver.com/products/tvtuner_avertv_cardbusmce_retail.shtml#1 [Broken]
    i think its ver cool, but would it be the best buy.
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    I remember seeing on "Attack of the Show" (quotes right?) on G4 (no TechTV anymore :( )TV, that you can BitTorrent download a bunch of television shows now. They called it TVtorrents. Its slightly different from just plain download the show.
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