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Homework Help: Can You All Tell Me How To Do This Step By Step.

  1. Dec 13, 2004 #1
    :confused: The Areas Of 2 Adjacent Squares Are 4 cm^2 and 196 cm^2.

    Find The Length Of The Segment Joining The Centers Of Their Inscribe Circles.

    (Theres A Picture Of 1 Big Square And 1 Small Square - Each Square Has A Circle Inside - The Center Of Each Circle Is Indicated By A Dot - There Is One Line Connecting The 2 Dots.)

    ( I Don't Know How To Post The Picture In Here)
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    well, the first square is 2x2 (you just get the square root) and the 2nd square is 14x14 so...
    the radius of the first circle is 1 (it's half the diameter) and the 2nd one is 7 so...?

    7+1 = 8
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    Since this is a geometry problem without a picture and with an ambiguous text (u cannot tell only by looking at the text how those squares are),text it is quite a big probability that uyour answer to be wrong. :wink:


    PS.Did u try to put as an attachement to your message???It usually works that way,as long as it's not more than 50kB of data.
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    You're right Dan - My name is also Daniel too, btw :tongue: ...
    I don't know what he meant by "adjacent" - I just assume the simplest case.
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