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Can you crack this code?

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    If you can crack it, you will get a job as a European Spy!!

    That's the link to where you can attempt to crack the code. You get unlimited attempts!

    P.S. If anyone gets the code, please feel free to post here, lol
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    If there are any machine level coders out there, the following has a great 4 part video(30 minutes total) of the entire puzzle: How to solve the GCHQ challenge

    I was curious how he knew op code EB was a JMP command, but I guess with Intel making chips for nearly all computers nowadays, x86 is the de facto language.
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    Most people who do low level stuff on a machine recognize a program when they see it. It is placing the program in the right context, like recognizing the algorithms, hashes and what to do with it, which is the hard part. Absolutely stunning solution by the guy.
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    There have been a few stories in the UK media about this. Actually, the objective wasn't to get people to crack the code by working on their own. GCHQ would have been surprised if solutions hadn't quickly appeared on the web. The real objective was to get people (and especially students) thinking about this sort of thing as a possible career option.
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    I think their bigger problem is losing skilled people to higher-paying jobs in private industry.
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