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Can you give me the formula for calculating its

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    if i have n level I will have n^2 nodes but I dont know how many edges, I am stupid, forgot this problem's famous 'creator'
    Please give me his name so as for me to check out more, I d like to know about this really, please help

    Thanks in advance

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    matt grime

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    3(n-1)^2+2(n-1) looks about right, which is 3n^2-6n+3 +2n-2=3n^2-4n+1

    tilt your head 45 degrees, there are (n-1)^2 identical patterns of "7|", that is two edges of a square and a diagonal, so that's the first part of the formula. the second bit comes from counting all that's left over.
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    You havenot even taken a look at my attachment, but you spoke of it so fluently. ..lol...

    Thank you so very much
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    Matt Grime,
    would you please tell me what exactly that graph's name is ?
    I would like to learn more about its author and his work too, but I am clueless now...

    Thanks Matt a lot,

  6. Jul 7, 2004 #5
    whoever is also fine and i am thankful...
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