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Can you help me choose my maths options?

  1. Sep 19, 2012 #1
    I am studying Discrete Mathematics and if I do a PhD I would like to base the research on or around quantum computation. Unfortunately I can't take any physics modules at all, so please ignore the physics modules on the pages; I can only pick from the maths modules.


    Modules for 2nd year:
    pick a maximum of 5 from these

    1. Algebra I: Advanced linear algebra
    2. Combinatorial Optimization

    the above two modules are determined already, so please ignore them.


    Modules for 3rd year:
    pick a maximum of 6 from these

    this can be anything from maths.


    And just a side question:

    am I even allowed to study quantum computation post degree? I thought for masters/PhD study they train you (within reason), and apparently you only need a basic understanding of quantum mechanics to work within quantum computation... so it's not as if I need a WHOLE physics degree or WHOLE mathematics degree; besides, my degree is effectively 60-70% mathematics, the rest is 'mathematical' CS.

    Thanks guys, I'm just trying to get some ideas with regards to what modules I should take. I will not take any of your words as gospel so you do not have to carry the burden of deciding my future career :).

    EDIT: and as you can obviously tell, I do not know much about the mathematics behind quantum computation.
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