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Can you help me find this again?

  1. Jan 25, 2010 #1
    About three days ago, I was Google-ing computer languages (something I never really learned well enough), and eventually I came across this great website--WHICH I FORGOT TO BOOKMARK!!! UGH!!!

    I've been looking again for the past 3 hours, and now have a headache.

    Basically, it taught--entirely for free--very basic programming; and without having to download ANYTHING.

    I was interrupted at the time and never got to see the rest of it, but the first part went like this...

    1) It gave a little history and info to encourage you (just like the wonderful teacher it was)

    2) It taught by example...it had a text box with a simple "guess the number" program already written into it, and allowed you to mangle it to practice some skills.

    3) this text box actually had a run mechanism (so no compiler download or any crap like that).

    4) there were several other lessons that you could progress through (the next one I think, after this, was printing your name).

    Please help me find this again.

    I remember some of the program...

    something = int (rnd(1)*100) +1

    print "I'm thinking of a number,"

    print "and I want you to try and guess it."

    then there was some code about if you guess too low or too high.

    Anyway, if you have a few moments to waste on me, please look for this and give me some ideas where to search.


    Francis Ziegler
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    Is it your computer? If so, go to "history". Go to the day you found it, and you will find the webpage.

    If you don't have access to the computer, I'll search for it.
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    What browser are you using FZ? If it's IE7, find the little star on the left (History) as Evo indicated, and look in last week's entry.

    Alternatively, if it was a google search, then typing in " http://www.google.com/search?hl= " will prompt a list of your google searches. That's if it is IE7. I don't know about other browsers.
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    No, I use Firefox. And I've had it set to clear history for a while now.

    I thought I bookmarked it right before dinner, but apparently it didn't take.

    Thank-you both for trying though--you're the best! :cool:
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    The above link contains the results of a Google search using the phrase "interactive programming tutorial."

    You may want to run additional searches, replacing "programming" with other words and/or phrases that you think may apply. Maybe try specific languages? (Perl, Python, C#, etc.)

    Hope this helps!
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