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Can you help me out on #1? It's a hard question.

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    Still haven't figured it out. Does anyone have an idea?
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    Has no one else figured this out yet? :surprise:

    There must be an answer! Someone, please help!
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    There are 2 groups with 10 balls and one group with 20 balls (once you find the missing 4). In the group of 20 look at the first ball at the top and the first ball at the bottom (pink and blue), match that with a pink and blue (same positions) in the first group of 10.

    Then go to the next two balls in the group of 20 and match them with the second group of 10.

    Keep alternating until you eliminate all but the last 4, use these to complete the problem.
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    Thanks!!! I would of never guessed that.
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