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Homework Help: Can you help me with these CONCEPTUAL QUESTIONS!

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    1. ON a distant asteroid, a large catapult is used to "throw" chunks of stone into space. COuld such a device be used as a propulsion system to move the asteroid closer to earth? (need help in terms of momentum,impulse, and all that)
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    The asteroid must follow the conservation of momenum.
    Lets say its moving at a velocity wrt earth.
    if you catapult a chunk of the asteroids mass in the opposite direction of earth, then the asteroid is going to have to make up for that change in momentum by changing its velocity towards earth.
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    CLOSER to the earth?!

    What is this, an intro physics course for evil geniuses? :eek:
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    :rofl: I saw another problem on here where they were trying to kill a scuba diver by giving him the benz. No wonder crime is on the way up!
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