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Can you help me?

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    This is my first post here and I am strictly seeking info, guidance, assistance... I have read many posts here and see many intellegent people. If you have any beneficial info I would appreciate it.

    I have theories... Before the Big Bang, existence in its entirity would have been dark matter. The expanse of space would have been filled completely with dark matter. Everything that we know of today would have come from this energy (Law of conservation of energy.) Once the bang occurred, all the energy/dark matter would have been set in motion to become what we know it as today. All the planets, stars, quazars, trees, animals and friends would have all originated from the exact same expanse of energy/dark matter.

    Could energy carry some resemblance of a memory? If so, is it not possble for humans to reconize the connection? The energy from our bodies was indeed present before the bang. In actuallity we predate creation, so to speak.

    I also theorize, that everything going on in the universe does not happen by some happenstance. But rather, the universe is an intense orchestration. What I refer to as the energy of creation, seems to know what it is doing. I am not saying some external puppet master, but rather the energy of creation had a purpose when it began to create. This energy is part of us all today. And I think it is what drives humans to continue to ask the creation questions. I say we have already been there and we saw it happen but we do not yet possess the brain power to completely understand the severity of it all.

    Thanks for any input. Like I said before this is my first post. I am hungry for knowlede and any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hello bombaglad,

    You're welcome to theorize whatever you like, but speculative "theories" with no experimental or mathematical backing are not allowed here at PF. Discussion of any mainstream (and even several non-mainsteam) theories is however permitted, so I suggest you read the forum guidelines:

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