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Can you laser cool from afar?

  1. Dec 15, 2014 #1
    Just wondering If it is possible to laser cool an object from afar or from a large distance away? Suppose you wanted to laser cool a planet with satellites in orbit around it, Would that be possible? Doesn't matter If they'd have to be ridiculously huge to have a noticeable effect or would take a very long period of time, Just wondering If it's possible. If not, then what is the threshold distance you can laser cool from if any?
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    I can't see any way that it could be done at all. Do you know how laser cooling actually works?
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    I do but I've only heard of it in the context of super-cooling, like very near absolute zero.

    In that regards it more or less gives very low energy electrons nowhere to move, but only very low energy before it is employed.
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    Can you cool an object with laser if you are close by?
    How would you do it?
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