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Can you make cold plasma?

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    is it possible to make a cold (room temp) charged gas?
    would be nifty to use in a heat pump. instead of using compressors you could use fields to compress and decompress the gas
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    Andy Resnick

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    Like, for example, the plasma within fluorescent bulbs?
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    i suppose that would work.
    is there any reading material on using fields to compress cold plasma?
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    It's not exactly "reading material", but try holding a magnet up to a fluorescent tube, or one of those plasma globes you can egt at the novelty stores.

    I would recomend a device you are not too fond of, since the palsma may never flow properly through it again (this from my own chilhood experience with a strong magnet and my family's first plasma screen TV!).
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    If you light one of those outside in Canadian Winter at -20 degC, the gas will probably remain below room temperature.
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