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Can you see Through This?.

  1. Jan 20, 2013 #1
    This morning I had a dream. One had a drawing of a blue plane with glass cover on top curved. For a long time I have wondered about glass..

    In California Glass windows on a house is not built for heavy wind storms. But here near Chicago we have storm widows. All glass is obviously not all the same. And it would seem the glass windows on planes and jets need to be able to handle a lot of air pressure. Almost as if the glass is made of metal. .

    I’m trying to learn basics that I can build off of here. Some of these topics can leap over my head. So I figured if I start my own topics I can learn a bit at a time.

    My first question is.. Is Glass made of sand? Can glass be formed by anything else?

    How do you take sand or rock or whatever to make it into glass? How do they ad tint or color to glass? How do they make different kinds of glass? .

    Lastly is the mirror part of the glass family? Is a mirror made the same way as glass? .

    Remember keep it simple for now until I can understand and build off this. To those who answer I will respond in comments and most likely more questions. I probably could find stuff online to read. That’s kind of the boring way. If everyone reads everything online, there is no conversation. I will guarantee this though. At the other forum I know they won’t answer stuff like this. Everything is more surface talk. This is why I joined a forum like this to those who take time to look, observe, wonder, question, study, answer and so on.

    But don’t forget on this topic a little Windex is needed or thus then you wont be able to see the trees on the outdoors. And when you take your next sip of Kool aid we will know more about this glass. Any links included however will be helpful also.
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    Seems likely that there are internet discussions of glass production that would answer a lot of your questions.
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    Hint: a mirror is not composed of just one substance.
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    Hint - I don't think plane windows are actually made of glass, either.
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    Well so far I have not gotten even to square 1. Please look at my profile that I
    only graduated from high school.
    I don't know about all the substance and products in America but I do know one thing
    this is not a political thread. But I know that Mitt Romney wanted to use America's own resources.
    Everything to me mostly comes from China.

    Now may I please ask are you telling me we don't want to talk about glass that you want
    me to go search online for myself.
    As I said in my very post that everything was done online this would not be interacting with humans. We could discuss these things on the board without having our face in a book every moment.

    Where is this glass conversation going on? But I warn you if there is any advanced science
    I won't be able to keep up. I started this post here about glass so I can understand the basics first. Does anyone want to participate in this thread?
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    The problem you are having is that this forum expects people to do at least minimal research on their own before asking us to do it for them.

    It is a great forum to get answers from if you have done some research and have specific questions, but asking folks to just spoon-feed you doesn't go over well, as you can see.
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