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Homework Help: Can you solve this?

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    How do you solve this problem?

    An object of mass 0.5 kg is thrown straight upward with an initial speed of 8 m/s. Its total flight time - from release to impact - is 3s. From what height was the object thrown? (Ignore effects due to the air.)

    I am not a physics student. I am a virologist who is trying to learn general physics for tutoring purposes. Just thought this would be a good place to post. Thanks!
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    I think you're looking for the homework help forums.
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    Yes I can solve it but this sounds like homework so what have you tried so far?
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    Sorry, guys, I just read the post about homework. I will post there instead.
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    i'm confused... so the object was thrown upward, flew for 3 seconds and then hit something ?
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    Yes … it hit the physics student who threw it … on the head! :biggrin:
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