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Can you study well with music?

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    Can you study well with music? I'm considering buying an Ipod touch because sometimes when I am studying, I get bored and want to listen to some music, so I go on youtube for a music video. However, being on youtube, the land of procrastination, I just get to another video that's not even music and just get so distracted for so much time. With an Ipod, I can avoid the distracting youtube videos. However, will an Ipod distract me just as much, or even more? Can you study well with music? Can you study some subjects better with music than other subjects? Thanks so much for your help!
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    It depends on the sort of music I think. When I want a little background music while I'm reading I usually go to soundclick.com where a lot of good music can be streamed and downloaded for free. You can stream an artist or band's entire soundclick stash, or you can download a mixture of different stuff (in mp3 form) and then make long playlists for, say, Winamp or Windows Media Player or whatever. Or you could spend an evening finding and downloading a bunch of tunes from YouTube, convert to mp3, and do the same thing.

    Mostly, however, I like to read/study in as quiet a setting as possible. If that's what you prefer, and just want an occasional break, and especially if you need your music to be portable, then the ipod idea sounds like the best one.
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    I can't study without background music.

    I also cannot study at home and prefer places like coffee shops and I use the music to tune out what is going on around me.
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    I don't like studying with music because it distracts me. I'm far too interested in music to have it playing while I'm supposed to be getting work done.
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    Studying with music doesn't work for me. I tend to get distracted and want to listen to the music.

    You have started like 7 threads on studying and mathematics. Why?? I think you are over thinking this entirely. Here's what you do to learn math:

    1.You get your book/notes/whatever
    2.You sit down at a table
    3.You solve problems
    4.You solve more problems
    5.You solve more problems

    And that's really it. Its up to you if you want to listen to music or buy different binders to organize your notes or whatever. Asking other people if they can study well with music...how could that possibly affect if YOU can??

    I really don't mean to come off harsh, I want to give good friendly advice. It just seems like with all the threads you have created in the past day or so that you are over analyzing what it takes to learn math. All you have to do is sit down, read, and do problems :biggrin:
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    I can listen to hundreds of songs while studying.

    I have ipod touch.

    You can download either rdio or spotify. These apps let you download any song you want for like fixed 10$/month.

    There are also apps like TuneIn Radio that let you play any station you want. Say if you like Delilah After Dark, you can search for all the stations that are currently playing this show in the TuneIn Radio app. And, listen to love songs and love stories all night as you do your work! But near christmas .. it goes all santa songs! :cry: Currently she has santa claus coming to to town song on :cry:

    But do stay away from these silly games. I don't have any games on ipod touch. I just listen to my songs, Delilah, and take pictures! :!!)
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    Non-lyrics, instrumental or classical music works well for me.
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    I must have absolute silence, well a fan blowing is nice, that's it.
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    I need music with vocals when I study. Singing along to the music helps me think.
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    Depends on the music... blasting crazy music insanely loud I'd say no.

    Just melodies, sure.
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    After looking at the OP's other posts (which I didn't do before first posting in this thread) I must say that I don't think you were being harsh. If the OP can't (or doesn't want to) figure out and implement a good study program, then one must conclude that the OP should consider majoring in something requiring considerably less effort than biochemical engineering.
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    I love a blowing fan, as I hope we all do.
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    I listen to music all the time when I'm studying, doing homework, or quizzes (we have a lot of online quizzes). I use Pandora or my vast collection as I don't have to constantly mess with it. My channels are customized enough that I rarely get a song I don't want to listen to.

    My trick is usually to listen to instrumental music or music that I don't know. If it's a lyrical song that I really like, it can be distracting.

    I do listen to music when I'm at home alone, but the main time I'm listening is when I'm on campus in a public lab, where other people are making a lot of noise. If I'm at home, I don't have to listen to it.
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    I prefer studying to music, or sometimes (but less frequently), a constant noise such as a fan. I only listen to classical or instrumental pieces though, as with lyrical pieces I can't help but listen and interpret what the person is saying messing up the 'talking to myself through a problem' stream of thought. :)
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    This is off topic. Before you buy an iTouch, consider my experience with iTunes. In a word, terrible, it has made a brick out of my iTouch twice and regularly screws up when I have downloaded during the synch process. For this reason, I am getting a Sony Walkman 16Gb for Christmas. No iTunes, drag the pictures, music, or small videos to your folders, that's it. And you will never have to pay for any app to download music either, except possibly a newsgroup to acquire songs you can't rip from your CD's. If you are tech savy, and like a challenge, and are patient, then the iTouch may be for you. For me, I will pass. One good thing about mine though, it is 6 years old and has been horribly abused, and is still functioning. If it weren't for Big Brother Apple I wouldn't switch, but this is not the case. Good luck with your studying. As for me, a quiet room possibly with a background fan works best.

    Rhody... :smile:
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    I prefer to study with music. I've never been diagnosed with ADD, but my mind struggles to focus on one thing at a time. I find it helpful to have music keeping some parts of my brain occupied while I work, otherwise I get hopelessly distracted.
  18. Dec 17, 2011 #17
    What made you think that I don't want to figure out and implement a good study program? Is it because I'm asking if studying with music is possible? Or that I'm bombarding the site with so many similar topics? ( for which I did get a Private message warning about, and will no longer do. I had no idea it was against the forum rules). Please answer these questions. I am not trying to be sarcastic or disrespectful in anyway.

    I agree that I CAN'T figure out a good study program; that is why I'm trying to receive help from these forums. And I do agree that with the study habits I have built during high school, I should switch to a less rigorous major. That's why I'm trying to seek help on HOW to change.
  19. Dec 17, 2011 #18

    Thank you for sharing your experience! I will keep that in mind . :) Best of luck to you too!
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