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Can you suggest a book for QM?

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    Hi all,

    Please can you suggest a good book of quantum mechanics?
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    With or without the math?
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    with everything concerning quantum mechanics :) so yes, with math
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    George Jones

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    Introduction to Quantum mechanics by David J. Griffiths.
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    There are lots of threads about this, so you might want to do a search. I think Griffiths is a good intro. If you want a deeper understanding of the concepts and some of the math, then you should definitely read Isham too. (You can read both at the same time). At the advanced level, Ballentine is a good choice.

    Other books that get mentioned a lot in these threads include Shankar, Zettili, Sakurai and Dirac.
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    thanks for your answers
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    How about Bohm? I am finding it to be an EXCELLENT text for me, with all the math, etc. Any other opinions on this book?
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