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Can You Take 5 minutes to Help me With my Science Fair Project?

  1. Jan 23, 2006 #1
    Could you please go to http://SciProj.yes2.us" [Broken]and participate in an experiment for my science fair project? Once at the website, you will click on a link to watch a 2-1/2 minute video. Then your browser will redirect you to a page with some questions for you to answer.
    After you participate, please do not post on this topic about the purpose or content of my experiment, as it will invalidate the results.
    Thank you!
    Matthew Rongey
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    This seems like a valid experiment. I was a bit skeptical at first, I don't like clicking on links from someone with 0 posts to their name but I don't see anything fishy going on.
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    Thank you for participating!

    I just found this website when I was searching on google for science information, thought it had a lot of good information, and happened to think it might be a good place to promote my project. This seems to be a very extensive forum and I will definitely be a frequenter.
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    Interesting experiment, mrongey. Be sure to stop by when you're done and let us know how it went.

    I'll echo the OP: Please do not discuss any details about his experiment here until after he's done collecting data. He has a forum on his website if you have any questions after you've watched the video.
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    I won't be done collecting data for another month, but I will post results here and on my own blog and forum.

    btw, why does it still say I have 0 posts?
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    Posts in the General Discussion forum don't count toward your post count. As soon as you post elsewhere, though, you'll begin accumulating some numbers.
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    I see. Thank you.
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    I also agree it's interesting. And knowing the habits of our membership will also echo the caution to not discuss the contents openly so it doesn't invalidate the study (if anyone does learn of the contents prior to participating, please refrain from participating).

    mrongey, I'm going to PM you with something I noticed about the design that you should consider.
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    Very cool, kinda excited to see the final result
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    If any of you don't know, there are some early results on the website.
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    Thanks for pointing this out! I now have had more than double the number of participants since I made up that report, I just haven't had time to tabulate the data yet. I'll try to get to it this evening.
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