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Can you throw a knife that doesnt even rotate or spin

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    Specially in the movies... i see people throw knives at enemy's neck or the head
    instantly killing them... some of the knife i saw.. fly straight without any rotations.....

    how can you throw a knife that doesnt even rotate or spin... and travel straight
    with high velocity ? ( and the mass is not balanced in the knife, ofcourse metallic part would be heavier.
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    You can do ANYTHING in a movie.
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    Doc Al

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    spear-style knife throwing

    As Integral reminds us, don't take what you see in the movies as anything more than entertainment.

    But there is a combative method of "spear-style" knife throwing that keeps the tip pointed towards the target without rotation. The advantage of spear style throwing is that it is less dependant on having exactly the right distance to the target: much more useful when you or your target is on the move. Compared to the conventional (and amazing) methods of circus knife throwers, it is a more realistic way to throw a knife under "combat conditions". (That is, if one were foolish enough to throw your knife in a life or death struggle! My advice: Hang on to that knife! :smile: )

    Like anything else, it requires practice.
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    .. and to prove that what Integral has said is true, here is the Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics website:


    I would hate to think there are people who pay serious attention to the "physics" seen in movies.

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    Chi Meson

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    I love that site! Any teachers out there, here's a great activity: show one of these movies ("Eraser" is my favorite) and stop the movie whenever an egregious error occurs. The movie cannot be restarted until the error is explained (by the students).

    Unfortunately, you can't do this with "The Core" because it would involve stopping the movie every three minutes.
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