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Can you translate this for me ?

  1. Jan 2, 2005 #1
    Can you translate this for me ??

    Can yu tell me what language is this and can you help ?

    Ahora que ya mi vida se encuentra normal,
    Que tengo en casa quien sueña con verme llegar,
    Ahora puedo decir que me encuentro de pie
    Ahora que, me va muy bien
    Ahora que con el tiempo logré superar,
    Aquel amor que por poco me llega a matar,
    Ahora que mi futuro comienza a brillar,
    Ahora que me han devuelto la seguridad,
    Ahora ya , no hay más dolor
    Ahora al fin, vuelvo a ser yo

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    It's Spanish and my spanish is so rusty my translation would need translating.
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    Thanks Mentor
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    You need Clausius2 for this.

    but the first lines reads something like "Now that my life is normal,"

    Then the last 4 lines are something like:

    "Now that my future begins to shine,
    now that security has returned to me,
    Now already, there is no more pain,
    Now finally I return to be myself".

    Sounds pretty intense.
  6. Jan 3, 2005 #5
    My spanish is perfect, but my english is not, so I will try:

    Now that my life is normal

    That I have at home someone that dreams to see me come

    Now I can say that I am standing.

    Now that all goes to me very well

    Now that with time I managed to surpass

    That love that nearly kill me.

    And the last four lines are well translated by Astronuc:

    Now that my future begins to shine,
    Now that security has returned to me,
    Now already, there is no more pain,
    Now finally I return to be myself".
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    Migui and Astronuc have translated it well. It seems a poem or so. The translation of poems is very difficult because it always lose some of the original sense.

    And Evo, it's time to learn a bit of spanish. After all, it was the money of the kings of Spain that discovered America. :biggrin:
  8. Jan 3, 2005 #7
    We are 400 million people talking spanish... our time has come : :rofl:
  9. Jan 3, 2005 #8
    I know no spanish at all and I don't think I would be able to learn it at all.

    The Bob (2004 ©)
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  10. Jan 3, 2005 #9
    I used to speak French. and by used to I mean once upon a time. and by speak French I mean learned a few words.
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    Spanish is probably the easiest for any english speaker to learn
  12. Jan 3, 2005 #11
    Damn! I knew when i had that choice I shouldn't have chosen french...grrrr
  13. Jan 3, 2005 #12
    I used to be fluent but at the age of 5 it just all went and I odn't know why.

    The Bob (2004 ©)
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    Listen to krail and start to learn it. Maybe native american think spanish is a bit devaluated because it reminds them to inmigration and those sort of things that appear to be negative some times to native population due to delincuence and so on. But you must know that is hispanish, which is only a poor variation of the spanish, which has a lot of history and tradition of literature behind. Please I would mean do not mix both together. It is like mixing american hotdogs with spanish hotdogs, surely here the hotdogs are very worse made.

    If you want to learn spanish and read original and traditional famous books in spanish of world wide known spanish writers (i.e. Cervantes, Cela, Perez Galdós...) I advice you to hire a native spanish speaker for learning spanish.
  15. Jan 3, 2005 #14
    Well, spanish is a very complex language... but it is not impossible to learn. Here, kids learn english since three years old (when I was at school, I started with 10 years).
  16. Jan 3, 2005 #15
    Yes but more english people should learn foreign languages. I want to learn but I cannot get my head around any language but english.

    The Bob (2004 ©)
  17. Jan 4, 2005 #16
    Come one Evo, rusty spanish? That is just unacceptable! Or at least it is where i'm from. I just got back from working christmas break in san fernando where a whole seven people don't speak spanish. I hated the job, but it payed, i didn't mind the spanish so much. I'm actually hoping to take a quarter in spain in a year or so, so i'm gonna have to keep my fluency up.
  18. Jan 4, 2005 #17


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    I took 6 years worth of Spanish in school and can say almost anything I need to say to my Spanish speaking patients. I need to be around it for about a full week to be able to truly converse with people. I do not feel I'm good enough to be a translator, tho.
  19. Jan 4, 2005 #18


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    Let's see how is your level....a practice question:

    Imagínate que soy un paciente, y que te digo que me duele el músculo isquiotibial y que siento nauseas debido a que ayer tomé un sobre de paracetamol, al cual parezco que soy alérgico. Te pido que me recetes algo parecido.

    i) ¿dónde me duele?
    ii) ¿qué me recetarías en vez de paracetamol?.

  20. Jan 4, 2005 #19


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    I'll give your Spanish quiz a stab to see if I got the gist or missed all the important words...I used to be good at picking up the gist of conversation in Spanish, but never knew enough vocabulary or grammar to actually translate or speak more than enough to order food.

    So, it seems we're supposed to imagine we have a patient who has muscle aches (I think) and nausea, and last time he took paracetamol (trying to recall...is that aspirin?), he had an allergic reaction.

    Did I get that much right? And you're asking what is the illness and what would we prescribe instead of paracetamol (or are you asking IF we should prescribe paracetamol?)
  21. Jan 4, 2005 #20
    i) tu brazo?
    ii)you took a painkiller, paracetamol, not sure which kind that is though. She gave you a different kind because you were allergic to the one you took.

    I understood everything except the medical terminology. But i don't plan to be a doctor, so its all good.
  22. Jan 5, 2005 #21


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    Good job, both Moonbear and FranzNietzsche!! :approve:

    Although the question was directed to Tsunami (isn't she a doctor or something like that?).

    Franz and Moonbear:

    i) I don't know where is the isquiotibial muscle (also I don't know what does it mean in spanish) :rofl:

    ii) The paracetamol (a chemical compund) is something you take (a medicin) when you are .....when you have .... (in spanish it is said "catarro") ... I think we call it the english flu, but the english call it the spanish flu.

    Anyway, your level of spanish is acceptable. Congratulations. Maybe it is better than my english.
  23. Jan 5, 2005 #22


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    I believe the isquiotibial muscle has to do with back (maybe associated with calf muscle) of the leg (tibial), and apparenly is on those injured by soccer (futbol) players.

    Paracetamol (acetaminophen) = Panadol (UK, Europe, Australia) = Tylenol
  24. Jan 5, 2005 #23

    My guess for paracetamol was either acetominophen or aspirin, but thats only because those are the most common analgesics.

    I thought the tibia was in your arm? That was the basis for my guess of it being the arm that hurt. But see this why i'm a physics major, not pre-med.
  25. Jan 5, 2005 #24


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    Remember - I DID say I can't be used as a translator!!! :biggrin:
    Since I'm not a physician (I'm a CT/Xray Technologist) I would have to assume I'm going to be xraying your leg. I don't deal with drugs. :biggrin:

    Donde esta le duele? Ohhhhh... Pobresito!!! :biggrin:
    Levante la pierna, por favor. (slips cassette under leg) Bueno. Y abajo... Bueno, no se mueva. (snaps picture) Bueno. Voltese a la izquierda, por favor. (unless, of course, it's your right leg - which wasn't mentioned in your H&P {history & physical} - then you would need to 'voltese a la derecha)Levante la pierna... ya abajo... (snaps second image). Bueno. Voy a ver los rayos (xrays - Good God! I've forgotten how to spell xrays in Spanish!! HELP! :surprised ). Oreta (ahorita?) venga. (coming back with films) OK. Es todo! Ya nos vamos. El doctor mira los rayos xrays. Esta bien?

    Oh dear. My Spanish spelling is beginning to suck... :frown: (sorry I don't have the ability for proper punctuation...)

    So, how did I do? Did you understand me enough for me to xray your leg? :biggrin:

    You want an aspirin in your RECTUM??!?!?!???!?? (See. I told you I couldn't be used as a translator!! :rofl: :rofl:)
  26. Jan 7, 2005 #25


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    Ooops, sorry. :uhh: I will change the problem.

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Congratulations, you have enhanced me to be laughing at this over 5 minutes or so, and laughing just right now was very necessary for me. Your spanish seems to be given birth in Mexico or so. With the words "Levante la pierna, por favor" maybe you will see something that you cannot imagine.... :!!) .

    Anyway, you seem to know well where is the isquiotibial, so you have passed the exam with honours.

    The answer of the patient to this would be: "Hey baby! why do you want to get that brick into my ass? or you practice sado-maso usually?, Then go ahead... :!!) :rofl: !!, Now it is my turn....".

    Ok, that's another problem closer to your speciality:

    "Un paciente entra en tu sala de rayos X. Entonces le dices que se ponga en la camilla o encima de la mesa esa en la que te examinan. El paciente va y se coloca como tu le has dicho. Enciendes el aparato de rayos X y el paciente comienza a sufrir la radiación. Justo entonces, te llama una amiga tuya por teléfono, y comenzáis a hablar de chorradas: que si mi perro está malito, que si mi marido me la pega con otra, que si mañana tengo que ir a la peluquería a cortarme el pelo...blablabla. Pasan 15 minutos y el paciente todavía está en la camilla, pero resulta que se ha freído por culpa de tanta radiación. Ha estado tanto tiempo expuesto a los rayos X que ahora parece una patata frita."

    1) What is probably going to say the patient to you?

    Go on Tsu, you can.
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