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Can you walk on custard?

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    What did I do while PF was down? I learned I can walk on custard pudding!

    Here's an entertaining clip from the show, QI.


    Actually, I spent my time watching quite a few clips form episodes of QI. The clip about baby food was pretty interesting because: a) I knew the answer to that one, and b) I'm simply amazed about how much Giles Brandeth knows about baby food and the Gerber family. I never knew the baby on the jar was Ann Turner Cook of Texas, an author of cheap mystery novels.
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    I love QI, but the original clip is from Braniac, which is like Mythbusters, but more entretaining.
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    I watched the custard one, and the Alans one. both are :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: riots.

    Love QI, best quiz show on the TV, behind Have I Got News For You and Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

    If you love learning about dull and obscure facts, and watching very gifted comedians make them interesting and hilariously amusing, it's a must see.

    It's the cornflour in the custard that does it I think. That is no ordinary custard though, you wouldn't want to eat it.
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