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Can your vehicle qualify

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    For the cash for clunkers program? The combined city/highway gas mileage must be 18 mpg or less.


    They are using the mileage the vehicles supposedly got when sold. The 1990 Lincoln Continental which gets about 14 mpg, according to my neighbor, doesn't qualify. The advertised mileage at the time of sale was 19 MPG.
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    No, but I bet that car in your picture would quality :D
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    I'm absolutely amazed that neither of my vehicles would qualify. The 4x4 El Camino with the 455 Olds motor gets about 25 (in 2-high range). The 440 Roadrunner (when it was still running) got around 20 at 59 mph. At 60 the secondaries started to open, and it went down. Balls-to-the-wall, or in stop-and-go city traffic, it got about 5.
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    Oops! I just re-read the question. I missed the 'combined city/highway' part the first time around. Both of them would qualify in that case.
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    My Jeep qualifies. Except the voucher is only for $4500 dollars max and Kelley Blue Book for mine is at least $16,000, even allowing for the custom pin-striping from trees and the gouges in the rock sliders from rocks.
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