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Canada, universities

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    I applied to two universities in Ontario, Canada; McMaster University in Hamilton and Ryerson University in Toronto, both for electrical engineering. I was wondering, which one should I go to? I was accepted to both universites for every program taht I applied to, yet I am in a struggle with which university to attend! Does it matter when seeking a job, from which university you graduated from? I really don't care about the geography of the university (how it looks like, where it is), I am more interested in knowing if the name of the university plays a role for jobs upon graduation.
    Thank you very much,
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    McMaster > Ryerson

    Where do you live in relation to both schools? For undergrad it would be better to live w/ your parents and perform well enough in school to get scholarships and avoid working (well, except for summer).

    If you remove the stress factor of money, you can focus on school and do exceptional. Then upon graduation, if you like, you can further yourself with graduate studies.

    I wouldn't worry so much about the "name" of your undergrad school.

    If you're a kickbutt EE who knows their stuff inside and out, it likely won't ever come down to "oh, Ryerson eh? Too bad, we wanted McMaster alumnus"

    (Take my advice with a grain of salt as I've been drinking heavily this evening :D)
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    Don't go to Ryerson, go to mcMaster, the name of McMaster is well known amonst North American universities since they have some speical teaching method. Keep in mind Ryerson used to be a college, a reputation that they haven't shaken off too well, yet.
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    MAC is more well know for its graduate programmes in engineering but
    the ELEC&COMP eng dept. at mac was ranked 10th in North america(3 years ago when i attended) becuase of Simon Haykin(he teaches neuralnets), some other white guy and some othe chinese guy(tai or chi or something like that). So i suggest going to MAC...too bad i wasn't in eng.

    OH and i suggest if you dont live in the vicinity, move there(the city is a bit shotty and stinky but the campus is pretty small and nice) but mainly MAC>RYERSON...and try to boost your grades so you can apply for NSERC as a research student in the summer...4-5K for 1st years abelieve not alot but gives you credentials
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    Definitely McMaster.
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    Thank you to all of you.Believe me it is very stresful.
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