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Canada, universities

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    I applied to two universities in Ontario, Canada; McMaster University in Hamilton and Ryerson University in Toronto, both for electrical engineering. I was wondering, which one should I go to? I was accepted to both universites for every program taht I applied to, yet I am in a struggle with which university to attend! Does it matter when seeking a job, from which university you graduated from? I really don't care about the geography of the university (how it looks like, where it is), I am more interested in knowing if the name of the university plays a role for jobs upon graduation.
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    McMaster is famous for mechanical

    McMaster is one of the premier engineering schools in North America for Mechanical Engineering.

    For other programs, employers really don't care (unless the manager went to a university and favours applicants who went to the same one).
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    10th in NA for COmp&Elect...and if you go there make sure you get teh tutolage of
    SIMON HAYKIN premier researches in Neuralnets and signal processing..and some chinese dude(sorry can't remmeber his name, cuz i wasn't in engineering)...I was really pissed when haykin backed out of teaching neuralnets at the undergrad level!!!!!
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