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Canadian grad schools

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    I'm a third year computational physics student at UofA.
    I started looking into grad school for physics but i'm not so sure if i can make it into any good grad school with my not so good gpa (around 3.4 ish).
    I have no research experience, however i'm planning on being an assistant for my astrophysics prof this summer.

    So what options do you think i have regarding grad school?

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    Getting into a graduate program isn't quite so much about GPA as it is finding a mentor who have interesting projects to work on and is willing to become your supervisor. get as much experience as you can out of your summer research. GPA helps, but having good letters of recommendation, good research experience and someone who will say "yeah, I'll take this guy on as a grad student" plays a bigger role.

    I made it into grad school at U of A with about a 6.7/9.0 coming out of undergrad. Hardly stellar grades compared with most of my other classmates, but one thing I did have was a prof willing to take me on as a grad student when I applied.

    BTW, is Kernihan still teaching astrophysics there?
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    thanks for the reply!

    Kernahan is still here, but doesn't seem like he still teaching astro anymore.
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