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Canadian graduate schools- increasing chances

  1. Feb 16, 2014 #1
    Hi, just here looking for some advice...
    I'm only at a community college right now in the United States. I have plans to transfer to a decent university (but by no means prestigious) soon. My GPA is 3.9 and I'm hoping to keep it up around that area. I'm going to be majoring in physics (and minoring in German if that counts for anything at all). I'm really interested in eventually applying for some physics graduate schools in Canada (McGill and UBC seem most interesting to me) and I feel totally lost on how to prepare myself now in my undergraduate years so that I have a good chance of getting in. What is the average profile of an accepted student at schools like UBC and McGill? Say I manage to graduate with my current gpa with decent LORs: would I have a chance?
    What I'm wondering is what I should aim for...
    I'm going to try to be applying for REUs in the next few years to give me some research experience, but I hear they're so hard to get into... I'm a little paranoid about not being able to get anything and not having much to show potential schools.

    Thanks for reading!
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