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Canadian Inventions

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    In the interest of bolstering the image of the average Canadian I'm just posting this link to a 4 page list of Canadian Inventions which include Basketball, the Zipper (whew:surprised ),Walkie Talkie and Anti-Gravity Suit:eek: . Thank you and lets share a beer sometime!!!


    (PS. Not astonishingly these items are included as well:

    Snowblower ...invented by Arthur Sicard in 1925
    Snowmobile ...invented by Joseph-Armand Bombardier in 1922)
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    This reminds me of in the what was it thread:
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    I hate canadian bacon
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    I hate maple syrup.

    but bless the man who made circle bacon.
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    there's some good stuff on www.science.ca. one thing that caught my eye was the wind tunnel designed for buildings (skyscrapers, bridges, etc) to see how wind affects them.
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    Heh, that tunnel you're reffering to happens to be at my school. (I read the article on that site)

    My favourite Canadian invention? Poutine.
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    The Avro Arrow, naturally


    (Look at all the suits in that photo, not one guy there not in a suit, impressive)
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    That guy to the far left a little bit above the left wing isn't wearing a suit.
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    Its a tan colored suit, this was back in the era of tacky colors. You can see his white collar shirt poking through and make out a little line thats his tie.
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    Yah. That one got taken away for "security" reasons. Nice though! Beats the crap out of the 50 year old Sea King Helecopters... and those leaking British Subs of today's CAF.

    Circle bacon, yah, I guess.:yuck:

    One thing missing is the derogatory term "Hoser". That was invented in the depression, 1930, when the prairie farmers lost their tractor fuel to hobos who were fortunate enough to own or steal a vehicle. The hobos would use a hose to syphon fuel out of the barrels that were placed strategically at every hectacre of a farmer's crops. Thus the farmers cleverly nic-named them Hosers. Today, every Canadian is called a Hoser at one time or another, eh.

    Concerning breakfasts... I live for the American Breakfast, at the "coming of the dawning of the glory of the light".


    There is also a substancial rumour that the "Happy Birthday (to you)" song was written by two women in Alberta (Canada's Oil Patch) in 1929. Think of the royalties (if only) ladies!!!
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    This is a precious bit of trivia I'd never heard. Now I understand what Bob and Doug McKenzie were calling each other.
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    no matter how great a canadian invention, it can't make up for......THIS!:eek:
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    ...unless you consider http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pamela_anderson" [Broken] :tongue2:
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    ha! it says canadian-american :approve:
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    Very true, the fake parts are american.
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    my point still stands
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    I'm sure it does! :wink:
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    Yeah, I'm sorry about Celine DeJour.
    But ,then, I didn't pay her to sing the American Anthem at the SuperBowl 2002. In fact, I wouldn't ever have heard her sing if it wasn't for that and Vegas making a big deal out of her.

    Shania Twain's one I think's ok... she's got a good American name (Mark Twain). She did the Canadian Juno Awards (like the US's Grammies) where she cleaned up but good. Her coolest thing was that she had about 15 dresses designed to mimic every hockey jersey in the CHL. They were sequened and so on... really cool. She changed dresses between presentations like she was a real performer or something, eh?

    But, lets not go there where the CDN bands are. Unless you want to get into RUSH... no, not Lombard.

    I can tell you this since CDN troops and diplomats are getting suicide bombers targeting them in Afganistan anyway... we had techies in Iraq for the initial push. Techies and specialists... that's all I'm saying. So, when you see images of Prime Minister Poutine (joke) railing against assisting the US in Iraq, its "horse hockey".

    Something that may not have made it into the list of inventions is the Magnetic Cell Separation Unit. It was originally used to separate samples of ore from other material. My good friend in stemcell research came up with the idea and it stuck. It uses a magnetic colloidal technique by adhereing anti-bodies laced with iron to the target cell. The magnet pulls the tagged cell out of the blood. It has potential for separating HIV-AIDS from the blood as well as many, many other malfunctioning eurythrocytes that will attract antibodies.

    Here's the technical info:
    http://www.stemcell.com/technical/stemsep03.pdf [Broken]

    Here's the home page
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