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Canadian marks

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    Why does Canadian government redefine the trademark as MC/MD instead of just using TM ?
    By the way, without using the sup tags, where can I find a tiny super TM/MC/MD ? I can't find them in my Character Map.

    I found this ® but this isn't what I want, I would like the superscript :cry: MD/MC
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    Simon Bridge

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    It's because Canada is a bilingual country:
    “TM/MC” (trade-mark/marque de commerce) for an unregistered mark
    “TM/MD” (trade-mark/marque deposée) for a registered mark.

    The bilingual approach has an asterisk by the trademark and some note like:

    * reg-TM/MD Acme Corp or
    * TM/MC Acme Corp

    for registered and unregistered trademarks.

    per your question:
    You need to use a character set that supports a trademark symbol - simple as that.
    Not all fonts support all characters.

    LaTeX supports trademark symbols and has international language support packages.
    (but not PFLatex it seems: [itex]\text{\textregistered}[/itex] ... see?)

    In English you use the (R) and TM marks you are familiar with - but the French version of (R) is (E) for "enrigistrée". IFAIK there is no special character for an unregistered trademark in the French.

    See also:
    http://www.progressmedia.ca/article/2008/07/protecting-your-brand-canada-2 [Broken]
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