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Canadian oil and gas

  1. Mar 3, 2008 #1
    Im toying with the idea of trying to get a summer job in the tarsands and I was wondering if anyone could give me the names of some companies I could enquire to. I'm in the third year of a Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Scotland, if that helps at all.

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    Shell, Imperial Oil, Petro-Canada, Exxonmobile, Suncor, Syncrude Canada are some of the companies I know off the top of my head that are in the Alberta oil sands just because I've seen them recruit on my campus.

    If you think you would like to work there because you think you can make a lot of money, think twice. Alberta has an expensive housing market. With all the influx of people going into oil, the housing market cannot catch up so you would be paying expensive rent while you stay unless you can manage to find a bunch of roomies to share or if the company has some housing allowance or their own work-site housing.
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    www.monster.ca - here's a Canadian job website

    You might have to work for longer than a summer (4 months) to be an attractive hire. It's not worth the pain for the company to get you a visa if you're not there for very long.
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    But you can get a good position, work there for a year and get experience.

    Where I'm from, it's almost impossible to get a good job without experience.
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