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News Canadian Politics - Debate Right NOW!

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    Who's watching it?

    Who's Canadian?

    Who's keeping up on it?

    I'm a Liberal for this election for sure, and I feel everything should be done to stop a Conservative (Bush/McCain) majority.
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    I think we need at least one more term of conservatives (but maybe best as a minority), and then we can switch back to a liberal gov't.

    And no, I'm not watching it, as I don't get any TV channels.
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    No way!

    Are you crazy? I think the Conservatives are way off the mark. I'm willing to settle for a minority Conservative government, but NEVER majority. They are not clear about the agenda at all.

    Harper was the president of the Citizens Coalition in the 90's with one of its top priorities was to dismantle the public health care system. To this day, as Prime Minister, he still does not commit to maintain public health care as the model system of Canadians. He only says he will continue to invest current money into it and not necessarily adjust budgets or anything of the like to save it from further deteriation. He chooses his words wisely. You're missing out. The reporter himself and Gilles Duceppe has burned him bad twice. I'm sure Harper wishes he can re-answer those screw ups. (He agreed his policies aren't working well.)
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    That's why I said it would be best as a minority. I don't think we're ready to have the liberals back in power yet, next election I will probably vote liberal, but for this one I'm voting conservative, and hoping they only get a minority (my riding is something like 90% conservative anyways, so it's not like I'll make a difference either way).
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    I am Canadian, therefore I never get to vote for a Prime Minister.
    I vote for the best person in my area. Not too difficult as we have one smart person and two wannabe's running.

    I like the new style of debate, putting the candidates around a table rather than at podiums. They could get fingers in faces this way.
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    It was interesting to compare to the other debate.
    At least this was nearly a debate rather than two people taking it in turn to spout rehearsed soundbites.
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    One week to go and nobody has impressed me yet.

    Canadian politics suck.
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    George Jones

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    I know that I'm not voting Conservative. The incumbent in my riding is a Liberal, but he might have a hard time getting re-elected, not because the federal Conservatives are popular here, but because the governing provincial Liberals are so unpopular.
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