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Canadian undergrad physics in general and why not SFU?

  1. Sep 21, 2012 #1
    Continuing the thread I had about undergrad programs in Canada:

    In this thread I got very few different answers. Most of the answers I got were about SFU.
    The more I heard about SFU the more it got me excited, but then I realized that all my information were from only 2 people and that I barely got anybody talking about other universities. So as much as SFU sounds ideal from the info I did get, obviously most people don't go there and there must be a reason. I'm not looking to bash SFU or something, but I just want to look at all the angles.
    So to sum it up, why choose any (specific or not specific) university over SFU?

    Of course in addition to that I would like to get information on as much universities and undergraduate physics programs.
    Out of experience why did you choose any one university over the others?
    And also:
    Which physics undergraduate programs offer the most variety?
    Are there research opportunities for undergraduates?
    How are professor - student relations?
    How large are classes?
    Is there any particular problem getting into graduate physics programs from this university?
    How is campus life in general?

    Thank you in advance for your interest and help,
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