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Schools Canadian Undergraduate Physics

  1. Feb 20, 2017 #1
    I have a couple of questions about physics degrees in Canada and was hoping maybe someone could clear some things up. I've been accepted into Waterloo's mathematical physics and Carelton's honours physics, both coop.

    1. Does the school I choose for my undergrad have a really big affect on admissions to a masters/phd? If not what does?
    2. As an undergraduate student, how available are research opportunities and how impactful would they be?
    3. What are good ways to try to decide which branches of physics to specialize in in the future? As of right now I've been reading around and feel like I could be interested and motivated in any branch.
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    I don't think there would be any significant difference in having a degree from Waterloo vs Carleton. What os more important are your grades.

    Getting a foot into the research door early can be very helpful if you wish to continue in research. It is not just the experience, but also the contacts and letters of reference (if you do a good job...). Thats said, with a coop program, you don't have much time off to be able to work in a lab, do you? I would think most of your research will be part of coop work.

    The only good way to find out if a subject will interest and motivate you is to explore it, which can be hard to do before you start your undergraduate studies. It can be worth it to go to a university that has a broader range of research fields, in order to have the possibility of being exposed to more subjects and to increase the chance of there being a professor in your field of interest when you discover what it is.
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    For 2., If your grades after 2nd year are good you might be able to get USRAs or other internal scholarships (what I did), which were also available on the coop job postings. Apart from that there are also courses you can take where you work on research projects in 3rd and 4th year. Basically if you put in a good effort to find a position you will be able to get one.
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