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Canadian universities requirements

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    I'm intending on applying to a medical canadian university (most likely in Nova Scotia). I have 2 main questions:

    1. I'm an IGCSE student, going to finish my IGCSE course this educational year (taking 8 subjects). I'm most likely opting for AS/A level standard but I'm not sure What subjects I should opt for if I'm to apply for a medical career..
    of course, Biology being one subject, should I opt for Chemistry? I really don't like chemistry and wish to take Physics instead. Does a combination of Bio/Physics certificate enable me to opt for a medical university? Or am I obligated to take Chemistry?

    2. What is the average grade acceptable for such universities?
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    huh? ahem ahem
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    you would have to check with the individual universities, but generally, A/AS level is really used for admission and althogh A/AS tend to give you credits when you do get in, all you need is decent A-level grades to get in, and from there you decide what you want to do.
    Canadian Universities, as a genereral guide, look for 3 A levels and about 4 O levels (where the A levels studied were also studied at O level as well) and where C and up is considered. Or 2 A levels and 5 O levels. (2AS=1A, for the purposes of admission)

    The best bet is to check the requirements of your country for admission into a Canadian school. For individual programs you should check anyway. (chemistry at O-level is often sufficient, but once again check).
    btw ...*i think* for medical studies, once you have good grades in anything, you will be able to get into pre-med, which would be your portal to whatever you wish to study in medicine.
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    I just have a few comments. This is a physics site, so maybe that has to do with you not getting many replies. And second, you will do much more chemistry in medical studies than physics, so really not liking chemistry seems contradictory to me, as you will do some in medical school. Medical schools take people from all fields, so it is more important to do courses you like and make them compatible with medicine yourself.
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    yea.....everything that gonzolo said is pretty much right.....what school do you want to go to though? where in n.s ?
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    What is IGCSE?
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    International General Certificate of Secondary Education, like the GCSEs we do in the UK. More info http://www.cie.org.uk/CIE/WebSite/qualificationsandawardshub/qualificationhubs/qualificationoverviews/qualificationoverviews.jsp?oid=2098 [Broken].
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    you will get the most accurate answers checking the admission requirements for the schools you are planning on attending. However, keep in mind that many Canadian universities don't accept foreign students into their medical school programs.
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    Are you sure, I thought there was about 1-3% foreign students?
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    that will depend on the school. University of Alberta for example, doesn't admit foreign medical students. There are plenty of international students there, just none in the medical school. This will obviously depend on the policies of the school, and the only way to find out is to check with the school, either by contacting them or checking their website.
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    Alberta is a crummy place though. I live here. It's like Canada's Texas.

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    Thanks mate. Your post was really helpful, but I have still a few doubts though; does taking 8 O levels help reduce the no. of AS/A level subjects required to be opted for? I abide in the UAE & the maximum no. of A level subjects taught per one ed. year is 2 - or 4-5 AS levels. Which is better, to take 2 AL's or 4 AS's?

    BTW, I would acquire canadian nationality certificate if required.

    And, Gonzolo,

    I'm aware that this is a physics site but isn't this section titled "Career Guidance"??
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