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A Canceling Gaussian noise

  1. Mar 12, 2017 #1

    I am measuring the impedance of an operating antenna over time.
    Assuming the environment is not changing and the antenna temperature remain constant (No thermal drift) I am receiving the impedance value and additional noise that I want to model as Gaussian noise.
    So my simple model is:
    Y = X + Z. Where Y is the output, X is the 'pure' impedance value and Z is the noise.
    My question is what is the best way to extract X.

    Obviously I can sample many samples and find the average value, but I am looking for a less wasteful way.

    Thanks a lot
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    You could use a Bayesian approach where you account for whatever prior information you have.
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    Can you post diagrams of your setup and the schematic of the circuit you are using to monitor its impedance? Are you doing this in an anechoic chamber or shielded room? I'm guessing most of the noise you are seeing is coming from your measurement circuit, and you may be able to reduce the noise of that circuit with some attention to details...
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    Thanks a lot.
    Thanks. This is exactly the answer I looked for.
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    Thanks a lot on your answer.
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