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Cancer drug scam

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    I just watched a story on fox news about a website that sells a drug that the company claims can cure cancer. Here is the website if you want to check it out:

    If you want to see the video of fox news exposing the scam go to foxnews.com, then click on the free video button in the upper right hand corner, then click on "only on fox", then click on "fox investigates".
    The reporter said that when he went into the office they hit the camera man in the head with a bar!
    Anyway, I went to the site and the claims they make are just crazy. It litteraly says that this drug will cure cancer. I kind of felt sick to my stomach when I saw these claims they were making because some people really fall for this stuff. These are the kind of people that I think go to hell. So a judge has forced them to stop selling the product, but in the story they said that they are still selling it through the phone. So I called the number on the website, and sure enough the lady answered the phone, "CancerCure, can I help you?"!
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    There is three parts to the news story. Watch all three, they are very interesting.
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    My favorite scam has to be Leptoprin "When is a diet pill worth $178 a bottle?" or whatever the price is. I hope no one is actually paying that kind of money for a non prescription drug that actually says in the fine print that they don't claim the stuff actually works.
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    Lies! Lies! The government has a cure for cancer and its just vitamin C and chewing gum!!!!! *rips his clothes off and starts running around the forum*
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    If you are going to be running around naked I don't want my cancer cured. Kill me now
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    I think that that is actually a very smart scam actually. They are following the type of gimick designer clothes do. They charge 100 dollars for a pair of jeans that cost $2.15 to make. The higher the price, the more people want them. With the leptoprin I think people (stupid people) think that man it is so damn expensive it has to be worth it (just like the add says). If they sold it for five dollars a bottle then no one would buy it.
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    haha i love that commercial! The old lady goes "They're giving it away free? It must be good!" (for free trials). Or maybe that's another brand but haha, come on! I don't see Porsche handing out free cars
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    Yeah, that kind of stuff really is funny. And most of the people that fall for that basically deserve to get ripped off for believing that garbage. But ripping off dying cancer patients; that is just sad. Cancer patients would probably be more susceptible to these kind of false claims.
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    Very sad. If you're dying, most people figure they have nothing to lose. People that take advantage of this should have special punishments. :mad:
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    Yes, I agree.
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    They're in Boca Raton, Florida. They don't have an address listed. I wonder why that is.

    Read their FAQ - it's ridiculous!
    String them up by their toes I say!
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    It cures everyone's cancer? what are they selling Death?
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    Well, they're web server is in fact in the US, so I see no reason why they're still online and doing business. I'm going to write an email of complaint right away. Which agency is most relevant - FDA?
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    Also note they're linking to another fraud site that pretends to be the FDA: www.fda-approvals.com[/URL]
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    I'm trying to figure out whom to email - the FDA website is a tangled web of user-friendliness. Am I reporting a problem with a product?
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    More fraud!

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    Well, I sent a complaint to one of the FDA contact emails - they tell me they'll respond within 48 hours.

    edit: Oh wait, I forgot, it's Christmas Day! More like 96 hours.
  20. Dec 25, 2005 #19
    Another good fraud is "we'll send you a free sample you just pay 25 dollars shipping and handling."
  21. Dec 25, 2005 #20
    How does improving an immune system (for treating the flu or whatever) have anything to do with killing cancer cells? WOW
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