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Cancer - possible cure?

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    The drug DCA appears to be working in some cancer patients but it isn't receiving much funding since it can be manufactured generically and so pharmaceutical companies can't make money from it and are unwilling to invest in clinical trials. There are some clinical trials being carried out in Canada.

    The way DCA works is that it targets the common mechanism in ALL cancers which is to get it's energy via glycolysis instead of the ordinary energy path way via the Kreb's cycle. The drug forces the cells to turn to non-glycolysis energy pathways and can induce apoptosis. Another alternative for cancer cells is fatty acid metabolism and so a strategy being suggested and tried by some is to take fat metabolism blockers which are apparently found in GREEN TEA. It is also being noticed that patients who drink caffeine beverages are doing better than non-caffeine drinkers and this is somethign to do with increasing efficacy of the DCA. Also vitamin B1 is meant to be a helpful supplement in treatment. I am a physics student and have little biology knowledge so I may have used terminology or explained some things incorrectly - but you can read for yourself at this website (which i have favorited): http://www.thedcasite.com/index.html

    DCA is being hailed as the CURE for ALL CANCER and you yourself can purchase the chemical in its raw form from the internet, although i believe it cant be shipped into the United States but a friend or relative could bring you the chemical from abroad. Purchase from here:


    The drug has been through CLINICAL TRIALS for a chronic disease often seen in children called lactic acidosis which is a buildup of lactic acid in the blood due to damaged or non-functioning mitochondria. It is safe, has low toxicity and is very cheap. The current cancer trials are trialling the drug in combination with traditional chemotherapy and radiation treatments on advanced stage or difficult to treat cancers so I'm unsure if the drug alone can treat cancer, although it may prove to be the case now that other developments have been found such as addition of CAFFEINE, GREEN TEA EXTRACT AND VITAMIN B1.

    This treatment may save lives and people are recovering from terminal diagnoses. Spread the word and we may beat this thing yet. A video here:

    I'm in the UK and may buy a batch since you never know when governments may adopt a US style ban on imports of the drug.
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    It's not very promising for treating cancer, because if you don't get the dose just right, it can actually have the opposite effect of promoting cancer.


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    karnten posted this twice so I'm going to post my reply twice:

    DCA is a neurotoxin and can potentially kill you, especially when prepared by non-professionals like the people running thedcasite/buydca. DCA could possibly be effective as a chemotherapy drug at some point in the future. However this is only the case if testing is done to determine how it interacts with cancer in humans, what the correct dosages are, how it should be prepared and delivered, etc. The people running thedcasite/buydca have done none of these things and are running an incredibly dangerous scam, exploiting the desperate.

    More information on buydca/thedcasite can be found linked here:

    http://scienceblogs.com/insolence/2007/02/slumming_around_the_dca_site_thedcasitec.php [Broken]
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    ALL drugs have associated toxicities but first off DCA has been trialled extensively to treat chronic lactic acidosis and is used routinely to treat this disorder therefore has been approved by the FDA for human use. Clinical trials take a long time and people could be using DCA now as an alternative LAST RESORT therapy when they are given terminal diagnosis. IT'S worth a try and it is best to do your research such as the dosages given in the current trials and such. I do think that anyone who was told that there were no other treatments approved that could help recover WOULD try this unproven therapy.

    I appreciate your guys well informed views on this topic since as i say I am not particularly biology literate. But you do agree that it is SAE in humans at particular dosages for certain treatment periods as found in clinical trials and that there is reason to BELIEVE it may be a VIABLE treatment. People with cancer need HOPE and i sincerely hope that if you had friends or relatives severely affected by the disease that you would approach them with this alternative and engage with the patient's medical professionals handling their care.
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    "Hope" is not a good reason to justify a drug trial with something that seems to be causing the very disease it is being purported to treat. It is not helpful if one makes someone even worse by giving them a drug that hastens the progression of their disease rather than treating it.

    You are being VERY speculative in your arguments, not supporting them by sound science (the science contradicts your assertions that it is useful), and are peddling quackery to suggest people should use a drug for an unapproved purpose when it is more likely to do harm than help.
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