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Cancer project

  1. Aug 17, 2004 #1
    dear friends..
    i am a high skool student.we have to do an investigatory project on bio and chem..
    chem - food adulteration
    bio - cancer

    chem we have completed te practicals but similar to phy we have to submit 10 - 12 pages of relevant info.

    in case of bio we have todo on cancer.. but is it possible to have any experiments based on cancer. such as labarotory tests on nethin else to present in form of table?

    also please it wud be kind of u if u wud help me in also advising some sites on chemistry project for some information

    thank you
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    I'm not exactly sure of what you are asking. Do you need general references to read on the topic of cancer to write a report? Do you need to do some sort of small experiment? Or do you need a reference that provides some data from an experiment to summarize in your own report?
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    dear moonbear.. i need some small experiments related to cancer.. that i am supposed to present along with my project...
    thank u for replying.
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