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Homework Help: Cannon fired on slope

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    Hello all,

    I've searched and browsed and I haven't found anyone else that's asked this question, so I will ask it here.

    A cannon point at a fixed angle of 30° is placed on a slope of 12° and fired uphill at an initial velocity of 30 m/s. What is its range?

    I thought about making the x direction going up the hill, and I also tried it with a normal coordinate system. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    launching a projectile on a slope of 12 degrees at an angle of 30 degrees, is the same as launching it at 42 degrees. Therefore, you can use the projectile equations as usual, just using an angle of 42 degrees instead, then simply work out the point of intersection between the cartesian equation generated, and the line y = (tan12)x. Then use a little trig to work out the distance from the origin and the point of intersection.
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    http://photo-origin.tickle.com/image/69/3/7/O/69370364O624412945.jpg [Broken]
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    i see.. thank you so much!
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    I would make one comment. finchie_88 overlooked one key word (which I highlighted in your original post). Your angle is the difference between 30 and 12, not the sum of 30 and 12.
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