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Cannon math

  1. Feb 19, 2008 #1
    I have a cannon that fires blocks of plaster of paris

    what are the basic formulaes that i need in order to be able to calculate the angle in order to shoot a projectile a specified distance. I want to take as many variables into account such as air density and so forth (please give values) so that i can set up my cannon and shoot it into a target area

    Is there any Formulaes and variables that i need to account for to do this

    I am not asking anyone to do my math and physics for me i just want the basic stepping stones

    Thanks Ski

    PS I really love being able to figure out problems like these it makes me feel like an engineer and if i was not going into the Air Force as a Pararescueman I would consider a field like this
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    Most people learn this when they study from University Physics, by Sears, Zemansky, & Young, the edition which includes mechanics, heat, & sound. You need to understand some simple Calculus, the intermediate level of Algebra, and some Trigonometry.
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    Obviously but i was wondering if i could get a few formulas and a couple explainations

    I know of one way that I can do it quadraticaly but I dont understand the others
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