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Homework Help: Cannon shoots a projectile

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    A cannon shoots a projectile at an angle of 60 degrees above the horizontal with an initial speed of 30.0 m/s.

    A) calculate the maximum height of the projectile and its range ( the horizontal distance traveled when the projectile hits the ground).

    B) repeat the calculations of part A for initial angles of 45 degrees and 30 degrees, assuming the same initial speed of 30.0 m/s.

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    you havnt said your ideas about the question... whether you need to take into account air resistance or the mass of the object... so essentially it could be a mass less projectile in a vaccum crusing along until the end of the universe??? lol...
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    That's all the information I have. This seems to complex for highschool physics. I thought we were supposed to just learn the basics...
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    Heh, this isn't complex at all. In high school, especially since your physics class just started, you won't have air resistance. You should be able to do this easily if you read the material or listen to the teacher in class. Do you have all of your kinematic equations memorized?
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    I do listen. I just don't get it. That's why I'm here asking for help. No, it's an open notes test
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