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Cannont decide how to proceed to get masters in AeroSpace Engineering with B.A degree

  1. Jul 17, 2009 #1
    I need some help with this. Im an american citizen living in Europe and have recently decided to go for my dreams. Ive mulled the possibilities over and have settled on Aerospace Engineering. In particular Astronautics. There is an excellent degree program at ISAE in France that is exactly what I want to go for.
    My problem however is this. I did my bachelors, 4 year, in Business and Technology. I only had maybe 3 engineering courses but they were the most interesting courses I took out of them all. My BA in Business and Technology is not directly transferrable to a masters of science degree so I was wondering if anybody had any advice on how to get into the MSc program without redoing the complete bachelors in Engineering. Is there some form of accelerated program I should be look at or should I ask the prospective school to help me find my way? I just dont know. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Re: Cannont decide how to proceed to get masters in AeroSpace Engineering with B.A de

    yes. this is the only way you're going to find out for sure.

    I think there is a lot more to the bachelor's in engineering that'll you need for the MSc than you realise. I don't think 3 engineering courses from a BA are going to cut, sorry to say. My guess is that you'd have to get most of the engineering BSc, ie 3-4 years studying at a university. I could be wrong, so go with option A, above.
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