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CanSat - Parafoil Design Help

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    [SOLVED] CanSat - Parafoil Design Help


    I am designing a parafoil to control the descent of a 500g rocket payload. The payload is designed to take panoramic pictures at a apogee of approx. 2500 ft and controlled landing in a national competition (CanSat - http://www.cansatcompetition.com/Main.html).

    I am heading the construction of the parafoil and I'm considering OTS parts if they are cost-effective, or making my own using nylon or similar material if this is time effective. I am hoping you have some insight in either of these areas. I've been kite surfing a few times, and know that I don't need a parafoil anywhere near this size.

    Do you know of any sites or resources for basic parafoil construction or inexpensive small parafoils to purchase? Any recommendations? Previous experience and words of wisdom?
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    Re: [SOLVED] CanSat - Parafoil Design Help


    seabreese parachute
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    Re: [SOLVED] CanSat - Parafoil Design Help

    i cant open diz web.y???pliz help me
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