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Can't access google.com

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    for last month or so, I am not able to access google.com , I can access google.co.in
    The problem is not my ISP since I can access google.com from another laptop I have.
    I also noticed that while registering on utorrent forum, I can't register since I can't see
    the recaptcha. But I can see this recaptcha from my second laptop. I have this shareware
    anti spyware program called spyware doctor. When I ran the scan with it, it said that there
    is some website hack on my pc for google.com . Since its shareware program, it won't rectify
    the problem. When I ran the scan through another free program I have (spybot search and
    destroy), it didn't identify any such website hack for google.com. I have cleared all the
    cookies from my chrome browser, but the problem is still there. I can't access google.com and
    can't see recaptcha on the utorrent forum site. I also noticed another behavior of my chrome
    browser. When I click some website through google.co.in searches, the 'back' button in
    my chrome browser becomes inactive. This doesn't happen for all the sites. Only sometimes.
    So please suggest some soln.

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    I have recently started having the same problem. I got some Malware on my laptop and afterwards started having random issues with google. Anytime I do a search on google and then click on one of the results I am taken to some other random website and then cannot click "back" to the search results. Now, I can't get to google.com at all, but gmail still works. Every time we run a scan of my laptop it no issues were found. Did you ever figure out how to solve it?
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    Hi I solved the problem. The problem was with the file "hosts" in the C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc. I use win xp. You have to edit the file. Follow directions at http://www.dslreports.com/faq/10131

    Edit: As suggested on the above website, I installed free software HostsXpert and added # in front of last two lines which forbid the pc to access google.com and bing.com . I think
    you can as well delete those lines and it should work

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