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Cant believe it! UFO's!

  1. Sep 19, 2010 #1
    Hey all, i got interested in this site when i was like 14/13 and recently have came across something so interesting, that I know your the only guys to debunk it. im 17 now, and i was 2 small san miguel bottles typsy when i saw this, incase anyone tries to link it to intoxication.


    It was a clear sky earlier in the daytime and I could see the moon, so I decided to get my unused telescope out and have a lil peak at the moon.

    A few hours later, I was packing up, about to go to bed, and I checked out my window as I do ( it was strange, I had a reason for looking out yet I didnt, it was as if something drew me to look in the sky )

    As I looked in the sky, i saw a perfect spherical ball, dark orange in glow and moving at quite a fast smooth velocity towards the top of my view.

    At first I thought, oh my, what a beautiful sight, its a comet :)

    But straight after this thought popped into my head I saw a perfectly similar object adjacent ( sorry if spelt wrong ) next to it. Id say from my view to the sky, the objects were about a inch in diameter ( from my viewpoint ) and about a rulers length apart.

    Now as I saw this, they were both on the EXACT same path towards the top of the sky yet completely parallell to eachother, glowing like mini suns. Then I thought, hmm could be lanterns or flares or rockets etc etc ( i live in a suburban area, as to my knowledge no nearby technologically advanced military bases ) but the way they were both glowing, it was as if they were radiating

    So if these were rockets etc it wouldnt of made any sense at all for these to be glowing like this, as the direction of the pulse would of been one way, not completely spherical as if well i dont know, but im sure you all must get where im coming from.

    As they kept just rising to the top of the sky, completely paralell, I knew it couldnt be anything human ( not denieing natural, but I find it highly unlikely ). So I ran downstairs as quick as I could which must of took about 3 seconds to tell my mom to come check it out, as soon as I got back upstairs ( about another 5 seconds later ) they were gone

    completely dissapeared

    But weirdly, there was a huge jetstream much lower ( wasnt their whilst I was watching these orbs/mini suns ) than the orbs, which was so thick and big I couldnt think of any plane we have invented at the moment to of created, but my mom just said oh its a cloud. But since I hadnt seen anything like this, not even in thailand, ( on about the cloud ) I kept checking it out.

    Strangely enough, about 10 mins after the orbs, I saw a fighter plane in the sky ( it was about 21-23 in the evening ) soaring the skys as if it was reconassiance ( sorry again if spelt wrong ). But I thought, why the hell would it be here now? Unless it discovered an anomaly on its radar.

    If yall have any questions about this ( theres so much more information I cant get it down at this time in the morning ) just ask and ill give the best answer possible

    One thing ill mention, these orbs were perfect.

    Literally mini suns, everything about them defied physics in my opinion unless it was being propelled, but then why would it glow everywhere? I cant explain my reasoning thus why I came here, hopefully yall can help me out


    P.S. sorry for the bad punctuation and grammar.

    I live in northeast england, sunderland.

    There was no clouds in the sky when I witnessed the orbs, and I watched them for about 20 seconds-a minute before going downstairs. As soon as they dissapeared, clouds started forming, and that jet stream i was on about, which was huge in comparison to the Fighter jets jetstream, didnt dissapate for at least 2 hours. Yet the fighter jets jetstream which was only their minutes after, had completely dissapeared after minutes of the jet being there. At first it looked like one of them comet streams from Smallville or 2012 thus why I got so confused, but theres no justifiable way of linking it to the orbs except from the fact it was so.... strange.

    Ima make a picture for all of you ( hand drawn or photoshopped ) just to give an idea of what i was seeing, the nearest camera was in another room at the time of the incident, and since ive been interested in the UFO phenomenom for quite a while, i knew it would be stupid to try and retrieve it at such a rare time. Again, another reason for me thinking that this could be alien, is because of my knowledge ( some of you might dissagree with that term ) of UFO's. Ive watched and read to much on UFOS to know this was not Human or more than probably not natural. It was something else. I tripped over my mouse wire and nearly severed my toe when running to get my mom, I knew it was that serious.

    Ive checked the internet, something is definitly going on. No explanation all over the internet yet theyre happening all over the UK at least? Somethings going on

    WTH is this? http://www.disclose.tv/forum/giant-spaceships-heading-towards-earth-t31730-10.html

    please debunk it yall, cos im getting shivers if you cant.
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    Maybe something similar here?

    Maybe read the links in the first sentence, especially the last paragraph.
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    Thanks for your first reply

    Ive read that link, and I can see how that would happen

    No disrespect to your effort, but im positive that this wasnt just reflections or my mind doing the work, or mis-interpretation.

    These were definite, ive thought ive seen things before and ive tried to say yer ive seen a ufo, or was that a comet and put force on my conclusion

    This event last night was so.... I cant explain it

    When I saw these orbs, they had co-ordination, they were moving in accordance with eachother

    They were in the distance yet so distinctable and identifyable. I cant explain it, but I know this was something that is either a hoax, government made ( ie human technology ) or out of this world. And from past experiences, reading these forums alot ( especially debunking ) and being interested in the phenomenom for years, I can certainly say and swear on my mothers life that whatever I saw was real yet unexplainable.

    It was my mind because thats what my eyes saw, but I did not produce this out of thin air nor misenterpret ( again sorry for spelling ) something that wasnt a sun-like orb.

    What ive found on youtube and google ( specifically the uk incidents ) are just about exactly the same as what I saw

    Yet the ones I saw seemed to be alot closer and intelligent or music-like if that makes sense

    Somethinges happening, but... ahh... my mind has no words

    Any more replys would be deeply appreciated,


    Edit* What I saw I knew was real, i cant explain how I know it was real, but from past experiences, being in other countrys and experiencing a broad range of events, watching so called ufo videos for at least a year of my life and debunking documentarys, I can surely say to my mind this was realler than my brother having his tonsils out. AND I WOULD NEVER swear down on my familys life if I had even the certain doubt about this event

    Ive already swore on my mothers and ill swear again here. This was not confusion.
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    Why are you sure, please explain in some detail?

    So vivid? So visceral? If there is an objective reality here, then it can be explained even if that explanation is out of the ordinary. Please, try to explain what this sensation was that is so inexplicable.

    You're describing something and referencing past experiences... can you tell me what those past experiences were? I'm also curious, why must this be a hoax, human tech, or ET? If this is inexplicable, couldn't it be literally anything, including something supernatural, which I personally, but for the sake of argument... what if you saw a flight of angels? My point, is that you're already drawing conclusions based on what you describe as something completely beyond the capacity for explanation barring hoax, new tech, or ET tech.

    Even if you feel it won't make sense, can you say anymore about how they were musical? Do you mean that if was a feeling you had, or that they acted in some kind of harmony that evoked a sense of music? Is this related to pulsing light, or the coordinated nature of their movements, or is this a feeling you have that was evoked when you saw this?

    Somethinges happening, but... ahh... my mind has no words

    Any more replys would be deeply appreciated,


    Lets put aside the issue of honesty and assume that what you're saying is an accurate representation of an experience or experiences you've had. I'm not saying I believe this was an alien, or a hoax, but I believe that YOU believe what you're saying. OK? Lets move on from that point.
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    We will keep this in mind.

    Amateur observer. Not a bad thing, but something to note.

    Confirmation that you are an amateur observer. It's incredibly unlikely that you would see a comet that color, that fast, that brilliant without it making the world news. The fact that this didn't occur to you immediately tells us something about your understanding of the night sky.

    It takes triangulation to determine depth from this. It could've been literally almost any size at almost any distance from you.

    Probably not rockets.

    Fact: many man-made things can be parallel.

    Jetstream? Or contrail? Clouds often have shapes; long and skinny is a valid cloud shape.


    Coincidence does not imply causation. Perhaps you have common flybys and simply never think to look up at that time. Is there an air force base nearby?

    I literally think you mean "figuratively." Defied physics? So you admit that they were not physical objects? Furthermore, nothing in your description implied anything exceptional was happening.

    Given the nature of you amateur night observing, I would place this at a 99% chance of being something mundane, and a 1% chance of being something really rare (i.e. swamp gas, or pigeon reflections). You shouldn't feel bad about being fooled like that, cognitive dissonance is a rare treat and it's one of the reasons I love watching UFO shows and ghost hunting shows (for entertainment, not scientific content)... rarely, you get treated to something mind bending.

    That doesn't mean it was anything extraordinary, just confusing.

    Confusion: 70%
    Illusion: 28%
    Delusion: 1.5%
    Hoax 0.5%
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    No single person is a bastion of perfect observation. You would do well to take this experience and try to learn how you could've been fooled. It's not embarrassing, you shouldn't feel bad about it.

    I'm an amateur astronomer and astrophotographer and I've seen lots of things in the sky that I couldn't explain at the time. Enjoy the feeling of being unsure, but don't lose your objectivity over it. Mystery is fun and everyone likes the feeling of being privileged enough to see something special.

    But you should keep in mind that there is probably a simple explanation for what you saw. Your observation is being mixed up with your perception.
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    Hi Luke

    Someone else here will definitely be more capable of pointing you in the correct direction than I can, but this would be my suggestion to try.

    Here are two websites that you can plug in where you live, and see what satellites are flying overhead, and at what times. The International Space Station can be quite bright as it flies overhead.

    http://www.heavens-above.com/" [Broken]

    http://spaceflight.nasa.gov/realdata/sightings/" [Broken]

    I have watched satellites fly by on parallel paths, although I have not seen dark orange. Someone else can step in here, but maybe there was atmospheric conditions, or possibly even the satellites were at "sunset" level to cause the orange?

    Also, please remember this is the "Skepticism and Debunking" section of a physics forum. If you are trying to debunk what you saw, the people here can help you figure out what you might have seen. If you want to believe that you saw UFOs, or something alien, you are in the wrong forum. They can be brutal here at times. :frown:
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    Yeah, it can be brutal... it's the debunking section of PF... I'd be dissapointed if it were less than brutal for extraordinary claims, wouldn't you?
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    Fighter aircraft are all but invisible above about 12,000 feet. On a clear day conducting GFAC (ground-based forward air control) ops in the dry desert air you can spot them up to around 18,000 feet, but that's not typical.

    As for the OP's observation, it's a shame there are no pictures to accompany it. Without photographic or video evidence, and I'm talking clear pictures and steady video, I have no faith in another's stated observations.
  11. Oct 13, 2010 #10
    Damn man, theres so many replys and questions I dont know where to start

    Ill just answer the questions I remember, later after ive had a coffee i might come back and update

    When I meant defied physics, i was coming from the point of I have never seen or heard of anything that would move like what I saw. Perfect sphere, luminous all over and going in a complete straight direction. yes there is things like this in description, but i cant see how they could fly like what i saw.

    the reason my first thought was a comet is because it was definitly not close to anything else

    i mean it wasnt a rocket, so if you see a moving object in the sky moving that fast, id guess most people ( dont care if its ameteurish ) would presume a comet or meteor at first

    as far as I know, no military bases nearby. mother used to work at a raf base n the nearest one is across country i think. i live in sunderland.

    i really wish I did take pictures but I was to affraid of loosing what I was seeing if I went to grab and setup my camera

    ill resay what i saw because I know I can come across as confusing

    basically 2 paralell perfectly spherical orange glowing illuminous objects where headed for the top of the sky. they had no irregularties ie a part of it that looked out of place

    they were just perfect

    theres no justification for me saying they were ufos/extraTerr, and im not hoping they are either

    just from that night when all the ideas were running through my head, I couldnt think of anything else it could be

    Ive seen chinese lanterns before and thought they wre ufos and I was debunked, so i know what they are

    there was a fighter plane several minutes later which was tiny in comparison to size and speed

    yall have stated they couldnt of been comets or whatnot

    and I know of no natural phenomenom that could produce such perfect objects

    that is why i came to the conclusion of ufos/extra T's ( until it gets debunked, i know theres still a 70 % chance what i saw was natural )

    the cloud was like a huge straight ( not perfectly ) thick line of white cloud stretching across the nightsky, which was about 2-3 inches in thickness from my eyes view using my fingers as a measurement

    it could of been a satellite, but im pretty sure theres no launching pads situated ANYWHERE near where i live

    and dont get me wrong, theres no way for me to prove to you how i know what i know. But dont think that im so amateur i didnt consider anything else. I didnt accept it for a ufo till I had went through possible different scenarios/situations, afterall I have seen tooo many UFO documentaries where things have been explained, so yano, I do have knowledge of other possibilities. I just cant explain it on here ;/ ( this is why i come across confusing and jumbled on internet forums cos I find it hard to truly translate my thoughts )

    when I talk about them being mini suns, it was a clear sky, and if the sun was shrunk, it would of looked like what I saw except with a sense of direction/intelligent movement for the fact their travel path was just about exactly straight ( obviously if i had recording equipment theyre could of been a huge chance it wasnt exactly straight, but from what I saw they were. )

    Yes, contrail is the word I was looking for. Just used jetstream for ease

    they felt musical because theyre movement was sooo smooth and it was as if they were in harmony, thats what I meant by that. i felt a lil peaceful as well which could add to it

    ive seen **** loads of hoax's, I love documentarys that have anything to do with technology or ufos or history. Im not a exact person so I couldnt give you exact evidence of my past knowledge, but from my mind and intelligence ive gained from things in life, it just didnt make any sense that it was a hoax ( ie ive seen chinese lanterns before and i thought they were ufos till I was debunked, they were nothing like this sighting though. And when I stayed in thailand i just about always had a clear sky, and i loved nothing more than to go on my apartment roof and smoke just looking at the skys for about 6 months, and I never seen anything in comparison to the experience i had in this post )

    the phrase I think that best describes how I felt there was out of this world, but i didnt use it for the fact i cant explain it and here isnt the place to be sayin stuff like that :P

    when it happened, i was constantly thinking, i turned my room light off, i moved my head from side to side up n down several times to check it wasnt my perception that was F-ed up. i also moved my head outside my window and then back in to make sure it wasnt reflections. I also know what visual hallucinations look like from past experience ( from seeing dots and visual distortion ), im not a neurologist or whatever so I can explain down to the bone how i know this, but again from what i know and from experience of living in my head for 17 years, I KNOW this was no mis-interpretation or hallucination.

    Get through that if it doesnt confuse you all haha, so sorry for the grammar and punctuation, its the only way I can get my thoughts out
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    Well, I think we can all agree that what saw you baffled you. And I'd like to reiterate our various concerns:

    • A report from an amatuer observer (not a bad thing, but it affects how the report is interpreted)
    • Lack of categorically comparable observations (i.e. 30 arc minutes of width; again, not a bad thing, but something we have to keep in mind)
    • An attempt to assign size and distance to something for which you didn't have the appropriate tools to measure (again, nothing bad... but it does shade your report in a certain direction)

    So, we are left with an interesting event. I'm sure we will all be keeping our eyes skyward in search or something similar. Maybe you'll have your answer someday.
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