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Can't Concentrate Help !

  1. Oct 1, 2003 #1
    Can't Concentrate .... Help !

    Hello there,
    In the past 4 days , we had exams at school , and I had a very "killing" problem , which is that I can't concentrate , look what I did ....
    9 * 103 * 1 = 3 * 103
    1026 / 109 = 1015[/sup]
    3 + 3 = 9
    1 / 0.5 = 0.5
    -6 / 2 = -1/3
    And so many Mistakes like this ....

    I really have this problem , I don't know why this happens , I solve questions deliberately , and I don't feel afraid when getting into any exam ... but I have that problem .

    Is it becuase I hear some kind of music , or it's hormones , or it's just that my brain is busy with higher operations ?
    Please help me , I'm loosing too many marks for that
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    Are you getting enough physical exercise? It can help with concentration problems. Sometimes, you think about too many things at once, or start doing the next step in a problem before finishing the last one.

    There are chemicals released into the brain called inhibitors. They are actually helpful for concentration, but bad for creativity. They are released during physical exercise. Bobby Fisher, the famous chess champion, needed to exercise strenuously on a regular basis to be able to maintain his ability to focus.

    I'm sure one of the biology buffs on the forum knows more about them then me. My info is also quite old, and there is probably new info available.

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    Njorl, that is the first time that I heard the inhibitor story, but my first instinct also said more exercise.

    Exercise will improve your metabolism and your circulation. Also, adrenaline is produced during exercise, which will give you a good rush and also improves your attention to things.

    I haven't been getting much exercise lately, mainly studying the whole day and the effect is that I won't sleep until 3 am because I am not tired, even though my mind worked the whole day.
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    Well , I play some soccer , and sometimes Basketball at the yard .
    but I just wonder , is there any specific kind of exercise ?

    for thinking of the next step while not finished with the first one , I think I do that ... cause I figure out that when I saw 103 I changed the 9 into 3 (read in my first reply) ...

    I'm still confused, I'll try to get more exercise , and thanks for your help , and if anyone knows anything about this , tell me , I will try everything to Concentrate well.
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