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Can't connect to the internet

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    I just built a new computer. I installed XP Pro, everything boots up, and seem to work, except I can't connect to the net. The light on my ethernet port and router are both on, but there are no packets sent or received, and I can't repair my connection. Help!
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    Did you install the network driver?
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    You mean my ethernet card's driver? It seems to be installed.
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    Have you called your ISP to have them check your settings and make sure your account is active?
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    I'm using this computer to connect through the same router, and it's working fine. I have an ASUS M2N-SLI motherboard (the other comp) and I'm using the on-board LAN port. What's weird is there are 2 ports, but there's only one "card" on the device manager. I can 'enable' my connection, but when I try to repair it, it says "Failed to query TCP/IP settings of the connection. Cannot proceed." DHCP on my router is on.
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    have you tried the other port?
    try setting the IP and subnet mask manually, check whats the IP of the other computer and change only the last number... (i.e. xxx.xxx.xxx.a - where xxx are the numbers in the other PC and a is a unique number which you dont have on your network.)
    subnet should be but check how it is with the other computer.

    to get the info from the other computer get to the console (Run->cmd)
    and type ipconfig.
    oh, and copy the gateway too.

    try pinging the other computer and the router and see if you get anything...

    if that doesn't work make sure there are no firewalls on.
    try using the network cable from the other computer - maybe your cable is damaged...
    and if all fails, try restart :biggrin: heh, sometimes with no apperant reason, things just work if you shut down your computer for a minute and try again... i'd also suggest shutting down the router for a minute too, and starting it up before you turn the computer on.
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    boot a livecd like knoppix...
    if network problems persist, then it's not your XP installation... then, one can focus on hardware problems.

    (are you using the correct network cable?... e.g., not a cross-over cable)
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    It really sounds like a driver issue. Check that all network drivers are installed. You said you were using an eternet card? Try the default connection on the motherboard. If that one does not work, load up the CD that came with your motherboard and make sure the drivers are installed.
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    they never come back to report what happened when they tried our advices :cry:
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