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Can't figure this one out

  1. Oct 15, 2005 #1
    A friend of mine asked me this short teaser and I can't seem to figure it out:

    At opposite ends are my mouth and my head
    I run for miles without leaving my bed

    My friend says to think outside the box on this one.
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    IN White He must be floating that box down a river
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    Oops, sorry "My friend says to think outside the box on this one" is not part of the teaser. I was just saying that the book my friend got this teaser from says you need to think outside the box to get the answer.
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    er, I think he just gave you it. It's (in white) a river!
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    Is it considered "thinking outside the box" if you ask others for help?
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    Is it smiles?
  8. Oct 17, 2005 #7
    is it a telephone?
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    It's a river
  10. Nov 16, 2005 #9
    is it a rocket
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    RandallB's answer looks right to me. Explanation in, um...what color works with the new skin again (when I remember where someone posted it, I'm going to sticky the right color so folks will know)? Found the right color:The head of a river is the source, and the end where it flows back into a larger body of water is the mouth. Runs (or flows) for miles without leaving the river bed, which is the land at the bottom of the river.
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