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Help! Its URGENT!! I'm using u.are.u 4000 fingerprint sensor to link with my application via the USB port. I cant get the original format of the picture captured via that device. The original format of the captured picture should be bmp format, 500 width and 550 height, 700 resolution. But, What i get is a png format, 105 width and 137 height with 96 only for resolution.

This is the sample code provided by the vendor in vb:

Private Sub RegSample_RegSample(SamplePicture As stdole.Picture, CurFingerIndex As Integer)
Image1(CurFingerIndex).Picture = SamplePicture
End Sub

I found that value for "SamplePicture" is an integer random number, for example, 671419403, -1475865658 and so on. I'm stuck here. Anyone can help me to get or keep the original format of the captured image?

I really pray to get valuable replies and assistance from anyone who have knowledge about this. Its urgent!....thanks
I would suggest installing a program such as Jasc Paint Shop Pro- this program has the ability to read and change the format of any picture you would just need to open the file then "save as" and you will see how you can scroll through the index of formats all are there good luck

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