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Cant Keep up

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    am a little behind in my engineering curriculum but not to worry. right now I am taking Calculus 1 and Physics 1 for engineers, along with two excessively hard CSE courses. I have gotten **** poor grades thus far because well its really hard for me to study all of this in a given day. I just cant do it. As somebody with a very severe learning disability ive come quite a long way. though I am fining it intensely hard to keep up with others, because for me to get material while it takes a normal student 1 hour it takes me 5. doing problems in the back of the book, 2 or 3 of them take me about 2 hrs. Its not that I cant handle the material, because I know I can do it, just with so much at once, it becomes impossible for me and in general all the grades go down.

    Is it ok just to take 12-14 credits a semester rather than the 16-18 everybody else does.

    I am asking because I have been contemplating dropping physics, as it currently is less important than calculus. If I did I would then be taking it with Calc 2 and algorithms next semester.

    any suggestions, would be great.
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    Self motivation is definitly required to major in physics, but the neat thing is at some point classes are going to repeat themselves. I remember taking a lower level Math Physics class and learning how to compute volume integrals two weeks before learning how to compute volume integrals in Calc 3. Then it's more a matter of reinforcement and less cramming (though that still happens too). If you can afford the extra year, it is always better to take fewer credits at once so you can focus more on the ones you are taking.
    Good Luck!
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    Have you had any counselling and special instruction for your learning disability? We have a terrific counselling program at my kids' grammar school and junior high. They are able to significantly increase the productivity of children with learning disabilities and dyslexia using certain techniques (I forget the name of the techniques -- maybe "Slingerland"?). They use multiple learning channels to help the chldren learn how to study and absorb material better.

    If you haven't had that kind of help in the past, you should look into it. PM me if you want more info, and I'll ask the counsellor.

    And as for taking more time to go through school, that's absolutely fine, especially compared to the alternative.
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    Is it OK to take 12 credits a semester? In my opinion, hell yeah!!!! I have done that nearly every semester (twice I have taken 15 hours), and my grades are excellent (3.9+). Granted it will probably take you an extra year to graduate, but you will have more time to understand everything, and won't be as stressed. I say go for it.
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