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Can't post smilies

  1. May 25, 2005 #1
    Can't post smilies....

    Sorry for double posting, but I put this up on the Software forum and got no reply:

    I'm puzzled. Just a small problem, but an annoying one. On my desktop PC I can post messages, add smilies, attach documents, whatever to this website.

    However, on my laptop, I can post messages and attach documents, but NOTHING else works - no tags, no smilies, no links, nothing!

    On both computers I use Mozilla Firefox 1.0.4. In the little box at the bottom of the page it says 'smilies are on'.

    I don't care TOO much about smilies, but why on Earth could this be? What setting do I have on my laptop, but not on my desktop? (Both on Windows XP)

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    I have the same problem. If I click any of the formatting buttons on the reply page, they don't work. I assume its a problem with my computer rather than the forum, so I just type in the code for smileys & formatting myself.
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    Are your javascript settings different or have different security software installed that might restrict the message functions?
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    Try refreshing the page (it worked for me)
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    Not that I know of - No. Anything particular I should look for?

    :biggrin: (I'm on my desktop now!!!)
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    Hmm, odd this.

    I've just booted up Internet Explorer, and the smilies work if I visit PF using that.
    :biggrin: see!

    But with Mozilla Firefox I cant! However, my desktop uses the same version of Mozilla Firefox, and smilies and text formatting all work on that.

    Any Firefox experts out there?
  8. May 28, 2005 #7
    Ok, I've solved it!!

    :biggrin: :biggrin:

    I use Adblock with Mozilla (another great reason to say goodbye to IE) and when I cleared all the ads from this site, I removed the script that allows smileys too!!

    I've now 'un-erased' this and everything works fine even text formatting.

    I thought I'd report back in case others have the same problem - Adblock is THE most popular plug-in with Mozilla.
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    b-b-ut...IE is the b-b-estt...:cry:
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