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Cant rename folders on desktop

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    I have a problem. I'm using Windows XP Pro and I cant seem to rename folders on my desktop or folders within folders on my desktop. There is no option to rename the folder in the properties. I am logged in as the admin. Any help?

    --thank you.
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    Do you mean that when you right click there is no option to rename the folder or when you right click and then click on properties there is no option. Please elaborate. Also when did this start happening?
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    I don't quite remember how it was with Windows, but as far as I remember, there is no option 'rename' in properties. There is one when you do right click, below 'copy' and 'paste'. If there is no such, then try to do a single click on a file, and then after 5 seconds or so, do another click, and you should be prompted to input the new name for the file. Yet if this also doesn't work, check whether a command REN works (in DOS)
    REN file file1
    If none of these methods works, I'm pretty confused.
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    You can rename a folder in properties as well. Its the first text box under the "General" tab. The textbox is unlabeled though and just has the original name of the folder inside. But if you can't rename it using any of these methods, then...I don't know.
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    The rename option is missinig when I right click the folder/file. I tried the method where I click and wait a few seconds, but that does not work. I can rename if I move the folder to another part of my drive. It seems that the permissions for my desktop is messed up.
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    just the last question for a day, and that's it. What kind of file are you trying to rename?
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    It goes for all file types and folders.
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    OK, have you tried clicking once (left or normal mouse button) on the icon of the file / folder. The text should turn blue - now press your 'F2' key - the text should now be highlighted, and you can delete / overtype the text.

    Also, the other posts should be correct, Right click on the icon of the file / folder in question, and go down the list to 'properties' and click that. Now you should have a set of tabs, with lots of useful *smirk* information - general has the name of the icon, which you should be able to read and change / overtype.

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