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I Can't see through my Telescope

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    I bough a Newtonian reflector a while back, after it was assembled I couldn't see anything through the eyepiece. The viewfinder works perfectly fine, but when I look through the eyepiece it is just pitch black. Any suggestions?
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    What have you tried to do to make it work? I assume you have tried to adjust the focuser....? Changed eyepieces...? Tried it during the day...? What were you pointing it at...? We can help if you provide details. We've heard this question before.
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    Thanks, yes I have done all of the above, I used it during the day and all I saw was darkness. I could only view anything if I lifted one of the telescope legs up and held it in place long enough to look through the eyepiece, which makes me think the lens may not be centered, but I am not sure.
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